Why I Fly to Cuba on ABC Charters

1) They have their flight schedules posted online. I have not found any other Cuba charter company that has that. Check it out here.

2) They fly into both Havana and Holguin. This gives me easy access to cities on both ends of the island. And, if my itinerary has me traveling cross-country to a number of places, ABC can arrange to fly me into Holguin and out of Havana, or vice versa.

3) Luby Barrios, my contact at ABC, is bilingual and very helpful. She can handle complicated itineraries (such as when some members of the team need to return home earlier than the rest, and from a different airport), and has a real heart for American missionaries traveling to Cuba. I have really enjoyed doing business with her. She is very responsive by email: abarrios@abc-charters.com

4) I can pay for the tickets with a credit card.

5) ABC will send me all my team’s tickets via Fed Ex for only $20.

6) ABC contracts American Airlines planes and crew. They have their own people who work the check-in counter and they do a swift, professional job.

7) They help fulfill the Cuban government’s requirement for health coverage for each foreigner. When you check in ABC will place a stamp on your ticket which will serve as proof of health insurance coverage. This is included in your ticket price.

My advice: give ABC a try for your mission travel to Cuba.



PS. No promotional consideration or favors were given or promised by ABC for this post. I just thought as a service to missionaries and church groups this would be helpful information.