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Donations to this account provide the extra money our teams need in order to meet pressing ministry needs and provide relief to families who find themselves in some sort of crisis.

The Cuba ministry would be impossible without the prayer support and financial backing of our friends. All ACTION ministries are operated by faith, without any financial guarantees of any kind, apart from God’s faithful promises.

At times our supporters prefer not to designate their gift to any one of our specific projects. Instead, they give to our “where most needed” fund, which allows our team to use the funds at our discretion to meet whatever ministry needs are most urgent at that time.

Additionally, each one of our full-time team members in Cuba manages a “goodwill” fund that is used to meet the urgent needs of others. Our team’s goal is to give away about $500 per month to pastors and others who need our help to alleviate a crisis.

It is both humbling and encouraging for us to be able to help God’s servants in such ways as: paying the transportation costs for someone to go to the hospital, purchasing eyeglasses, delivering food and clothing to a family in need, and repairing homes damaged by storms. We emphasize assistance to pastors, single mothers, and the elderly.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please visit our online donation page on the Action International Ministries website.

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  1. Gloria a Dios! Los esfuerzos que se han hecho para alcanzar a los almas de Cuba, seran ricamente Bendecidas.

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