We hit one on the sweet spot!

In honor of spring training here in the States, I will describe the February conference with a phrase from that sport: we hit one on the sweet spot.

After an excellent one-day seminar in Banes, and a Sunday of ministry in Las Tunas, our team arrived in Camaguey for our three-day conference with CIMPEC, the national pastors’ association.

The attendance was excellent (258 pastors and their wives from 27 demominations) and the book set handed out on the last day also exceeded expectations. What really marked this event as a home run, though, was the conference speakers and the challenging and edifying topics they spoke on.

ACTION missionary Gama Canul spent four sessions covering Biblical principles for family life. His teaching on the roles of husband, wife, and children were presented with great insight and humor, and were very well-received.

Pastor Dave Waters presented several topics, including “From Institution to Mission,” “How to Attract Men to Church” (a real need in Latin America), “Seven Vital Skills of a Kingdom Leader,” and other practical sessions on pastoral leadership.

The comments I received during and after the conference were greatly encouraging to our team, as was this email I received from a pastor from the Pinos Nuevos denomination:

“The conference couldn’t have been better. The topics taught were very timely, and met real needs in the Cuban churches. I trust the teaching has been assimilated well and will now be taught in the congregations. The topics David brought us, about being a missional church, has been our dream for more than two years and we have been working toward it. Our leadership is now thinking outside the four walls of the church, but we still have a long way to go.”

Thank you, all who prayed and gave, for investing in the lives of Cuban church leaders through ACTION’s conferences and books. Please continue to stand with us throughout the year, as we have three more trips and eight more events to go. At this moment we are dangerously behind on personal support and travel expenses, though the ministry budgets are on track.