Treasure trove of Josh McDowell books purchased

The books take up an entire corner of the church where we have temporarily stored themI felt the amazing “rush” of discovering hidden treasure when one of our book distributors notified me that he had located a huge quantity of Josh McDowell books that had been stored for years in western Cuba.

You see, in 1999 the churches in Cuba were allowed to host a series of large events in baseball stadiums across the country. This was called the “Evangelical Celebration” and was permitted by the government in response to the Pope being allowed to celebrate an outdoor mass in Havana in 1998.

Author Josh McDowell took great advantage of this opportunity and was given a once-in-a-lifetime permit to import an entire container of his books (which were printed in Russia, per government orders!).

So, now it’s 14 years later and no one knew that any more of these books existed. But a pastor who was new to his church opened a dusty room in his building and found stacks of them. He then contacted our book distributor, who contacted me.

I arranged to purchase all 10,500 books for pennies each (to compensate the church for the storage!) and our team rented a truck to transport the books from western Cuba to Camaguey.

We now have 1500 sets of 7 books, which will be distributed free of charge to pastors and leaders throughout eastern Cuba.

You can imagine how many new pastors there are since 1999 who never had a chance to obtain these books! The set includes:

“Right From Wrong”
“The Secret of Loving”
“The Father I Want to Be”
“Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ”
“103 Questions Children Ask About Right From Wrong”
“Answers to Tough Questions”
“Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door”

We would appreciate any donations to offset the cost of buying and distributing the amazing treasure trove of Josh McDowell books. If you would like to contribute, please click here.

These seven books are in the set we purchased