The many generations of the ministry

Marilyn Kaynor during her first trip to CubaOne of the greatest satisfactions Celia and I have experienced in the Cuba work is to have helped numerous missionaries and churches launch their own ministries on the island. This normally involves taking them to Cuba a time or two, and then advising and assisting them as they begin taking their own teams down.

Our good friends and ACTION missionaries Keith & Marilyn Kaynor are prime examples of this “multiplier effect.” They have spread their love for the Cuban church all over the state of Michigan and it has been my pleasure to assist them as they now take a new team down every year.

In a recent newsletter, Keith described this process as follows:

The Apostle Paul wrote the following about passing truth from generation to generation:  And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others (II Timothy 2:2, NIV).  Do you see the five generations of people involved in the transmission of truth in that verse?  Let’s read it again:

And the things you [Timothy, generation 2] have heard me say [the Apostle Paul was generation 1] in the presence of many witnesses [generation 3] entrust to reliable men [generation 4] who will also be qualified to teach others [generation 5].

God has allowed Marilyn and me to see this progression of truth and transmission of the Gospel develop in Cuba as follows:

2003:    Brian & Celia Stewart took us to Cuba (Generations 1 and 2).

2004:    We went with Brian & Celia again (still Generations 1 and 2).

2009:    Having been “launched,” we returned to Cuba on our own (Generation 2).

2010:    We went again on our own (still Generation 2).

2011:    We took pastor Charles Reed with us (Charles is generation 3). Launched, he has returned to Cuba twice on his own.

2012:    We took Dr. Mike and Kathryn Hixson of Laingsburg, Michigan (Generation 3).  (they were a Timothy to us . . . and Cuban grandchildren to Brian and Celia, hence Generation 3).

2013:    In February, we took Brad & Noelle Richter, a couple from our church (they are also Generation 3). Having come down with a serious case of Cubanitis, they are planning on returning on their own in April 2014, with their own team (Generation 4).

It is most meaningful for us to realize that we are all in this progress of truth. How gracious of God to include us in what He is doing.

What Keith didn’t know when he wrote this article is that Charles Reed is returning to Cuba in November of this year, Lord willing, and he is taking his granddaughter, her husband, and their son. That’s another “Generation 4” team!

The Kaynors continue to operate the “Michigan office” of ACTION Cuba, and will return to Cuba in February of next year with Mike & Carolyn Ciocan. Mike will repair computers and Carolyn will share about the value of biblical counseling.

It is my pleasure to assist Keith, Charles, and Brad with some logistical, cultural, and financial matters, but each one has become a Cuba missionary in his own right. It is heartwarming and encouraging to realize that all their important ministries these days started with an ACTION trip a decade ago!


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