The Good, the Bad, and the Snuggly

BearsDear Friends of the Church in Cuba,

With apologies to Clint Eastwood fans, let me borrow from one of his movie titles and present to you some prayer requests as I head to Cuba on Friday:

The good:

Please pray for the spiritual impact of the “Seeing God” conference next week. Dr. Gerry McDermott’s teaching is based on the theology of Jonathan Edwards and describes the 12 reliable and 12 unreliable signs of true spirituality. It is a great teaching series for pastors that gives them insightful standards by which to measure their own spiritual growth the spiritual progress of their flock. We are expecting up to 175 pastors and their wives. Each one will receive a copy of Gerry’s book.

On March 9th about 450 college-age Christians from all over the island will arrive at Camp Canaán in central Cuba for ACTION’s 4-day Next Generation Leadership Retreat. Our time together will feature 20 hours of Bible teaching, morning devotions and worship, evening services, and even some recreational time. Please pray that no trucks will break down and that everyone who has been invited will make it to the event. Please pray that the Lord will use this retreat to give some of these young Christians a vision for how He would have them use their time and talent. These leaders are truly the ones who will take the church through the changes that are coming in Cuba.

One more request: this Friday morning I have a meeting in Miami with the owner of a property in Cuba that our team wishes to purchase and convert into our headquarters, guest home, training center and perhaps even future residence for our family. Please pray for the negotiations and God’s provision, both of which are going well but are not yet complete.

The bad:

We are lacking several thousand dollars for the upcoming events. Perhaps you would like to “go ahead, make my day” by donating through one of the links at the bottom of this email. Please pray God’s will be done and that in the middle of this stress our team can conduct ourselves in a way that demonstrates both faith and wisdom.

And the snuggly:

March 16th I will be returning to the provincial hospital in Camaguey to  minister to the children in the cancer ward. I am taking down these cute stuffed bears to give away to the kids. Last trip I didn’t take down individual gifts and I really regretted it. We hope to also have two new Bible activity books printed by that time, to give out to some of the older kids. Please pray that many of the children and the moms will be uplifted by the Gospel. Please pray for healing; all the children in the ward are either currently receiving chemotherapy or are recovering from recent cancer surgery.

Thank you for praying!

Brian Stewart