Thank you for praying us through!

IMG_2803Thank you for praying for the latest trip. Believe me, our team needed it! Just looking at what happened over a three-day period summarizes the type of battle we were in. And if you prayed, you helped us in that battle and should enjoy the victory with us!

January 15, in Miami: I arrive at the Miami airport along with Joe Owen of Answers in Genesis and Bruce and Lisa Burkholder of Independent Baptist Press. The charter airline has not received copies of our religious worker’s visas. This has never happened to me before. We are told we cannot board without an email from an office in Havana. I begin making phone calls to Cuba. The email finally comes.

However, a storm also comes. We board the plane a couple hours late due to bad weather between Miami and Cuba. We spend a long time on the runway before being cleared for take-off. As we finally land in Holguín, the pilot mentions to us that he was five minutes away from canceling the flight. Keith and Marilyn Kaynor, Debbie Naz, and our ACTION Cuba team have been waiting at the Holguín airport several hours for us. Keith had already had a long afternoon; his luggage was detained by customs for a couple of hours. But at least we are all finally together, all finally in Cuba.

Meanwhile, in Seattle: I arrive in Cuba to find out that my wife has had a severe headache all day, which is very worrisome since she had a stroke just ten weeks prior.

January 16, in Bayamo: With little sleep, Joe and Bruce begin their morning of teaching. The Kaynor team is running smoothly. After lunch I begin the 4-hour drive to Casa Esperanza. I am as excited as a little boy on Christmas Eve. On the way to Camaguey, though, I am notified that Celia’s headache has not dissipated, that she has been vomiting, and that the kids are taking her to the hospital. She is given medication intravenously and the kids take her back home.

January 17: We awake to news that there have been a dozen earthquakes overnight in Santiago measuring between 3 and 5 on the Richter scale. The government evacuates people from their homes and tells them to sleep in parks and in the Revolutionary Plaza. One of the families sleeping outdoors is that of pastor Javier Herrera, who is hosting our team for a Creationism conference the following day. I contact him and ask if he wants to cancel the event. He says no. The ACTION team travels from Bayamo to Santiago. A few of them tell me they were not able to sleep well due to nerves, since there were a couple more tremors that evening.

Victory: The conference started as scheduled, although with a lower attendance. The ground in Santiago settled down and the conference went well. Celia began to feel better. Alternán and I began purchasing things we needed in order to open Casa Esperanza. As the itinerary progressed we began to see many victories in different areas. Thank you for praying us forward through the battle!