Thank you for praying for us

Svein prayingPrayer is such a crucial part of any ministry that seeks to extend the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!

You may recall how in the Old Testament Daniel prayed to God for wisdom, a request that was heard “since the first day.”

Yet Daniel had to keep praying and seeking God for three weeks until a full response came, because, according to an angelic messenger, “the prince. . . resisted me 21 days.”

Though I am certainly no Daniel, nor are my requests as historically important as his, I gather from this passage that sometimes even God’s granting of our prayers is delayed due to enemy opposition. One must keep praying, keep seeking, keep fighting.

What an encouragement, then, to know that our ACTION Cuba team is not alone, and you are joining us in prayer! Thank you for standing alongside us in the spiritual battle. Your prayers are valuable ammunition on behalf of these struggles of ours to extend God’s kingdom.

Your prayers make a difference when the good things we ask for are delayed by wicked beings who, though maintaining some power in the current age, will eventually be punished before your eyes. Until that time, let us believe that our Champion has descended into the valley and defeated their champion, and that now we can, like the Israelites after David held up Goliath’s head, “surge forward with a shout” as the enemy flees. For us that shout, that battlecry, is prayer. Thank you again for being part of the battlecry for Cuba.

The photo above shows team member Svein Bjorge praying alongside the students and faculty of the Elim Bible Institute during our trip last month. His arm rests on the shoulders of one of the students who had just completed a 60-day missions trip to Brazil. For some years now, Cuba has been sending pastors out of the country on missions trips; the problem has been that most of them never came back. As the church matures, from time to time we now meet zealous young men who see their country not as a prison to be escaped but rather a spiritual home base from which to be launched.

The battlecry of the church has long been “Cuba para Cristo” (Cuba for Christ). Now it is blossoming into what I might describe as “Cuba para Cristo; Cristo para el Mundo” (Cuba for Christ; Christ for the World).

As we continue to serve alongside the church, please continue to pray for us, and for them, that we would all experience victory as we extend God’s kingdom anywhere and everywhere He leads.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you for praying for us

  1. Our youth group currently has services called ‘Secret Church” that we use as a tool to pray for Missionaries and different countries around the world. Tonight we chose to pray for Cuba and after searching for missionaries in Cuba, we stumbled onto your page. Just wanted to let you know that you have a youth group from Orlando, Florida praying for Action Cuba!

    • Thank you very much for your prayers! We appreciate you standing with us in the ministry.

  2. Brian and Celia,

    I just wanted to say hello. Remember me? Judy Ilar from our good ‘ol days at Skyline Community Church. I am so happy to see you guys looking so happy and didn’t age at all (it’s that joy of the Lord). I have yet to get in touch with Doug to see if I can help out in the Philippines, one day.

    I always loved your beautiful family. Love you guys.


    • Thanks for saying hello, Judy! Your greeting brings back lots of good memories. Doug has moved on to another mission called CTEN, but ACTION is still very involved in the Philippines. One of our big ministries there is the Shalom Birthing Clinic. Thanks again for saying hi!

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