Current Needs


We could very much use your help in filling our “Cuba Shopping List.”

The Lord has allowed our team to become friends with many pastors, denominational leaders, and seminary presidents. Many of them express to us some basic needs that their families have. Many basic items, such as the ones on this list, are simply unavailable in Cuba and must be take in.

Therefore, it is our privilege to take in items that the pastors ask us for, or that can be used in our Hope of Life ministry to the children with cancer.

If you have any of the following items in new, unopened, condition, and Cuba is tugging at your heartstrings, please ship them to me and I will make sure one of our teams takes them down.

My shipping address is:

Brian Stewart
Action International Ministries
5502  232nd Street SW
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Shopping list for upcoming trips:

Vitamins and medicines:

(Unless noted, I can use several of each. Both the Costco-size containers of 300 tablets each and the Dollar Store containers of 50 tablets are great. Thanks.)

Adult multi-vitamin
Vitamin E
Glucosamine Chondroitin
Anti-diarrhea medicine

Ben Gay (or generic)

Omega 3 fish oil (just a couple containers)
Iron tablets (just a couple)

Other items:

Ball-point pens (Need about 500 new ones. Costco has great prices on these.)
Small solar calculators (new or used)
Flash drives (new or used)
Digital cameras (new or used), for leaders to document their events and projects. Any type is fine, as long as they use a rechargeable battery and you send the charger to me with the camera. Thanks.

Big ticket items:

Used laptops running at least Windows XP

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5 thoughts on “Current Needs

  1. Brian,
    We appreciate your work in Cuba.
    We are connected to ACTION thru Keith & Marilyn Kaynor.
    Please take us off of your list so as to not waste valuable resources. We can keep up with you on your website.
    May God bless your work.
    The Van Ausdals

  2. I will be travelling to Havana, Cuba with my family and would love to donate some of these needed items in person, is there a way to do that and to make sure it goes through your organization once there so that it is legitimately a donation to your charity?

    • Hi, Kristen. ACTION has a full-time ministry coordinator in the Havana area, and he would be glad to work with you. I will send you an email with his contact information. Thanks and God bless, Brian Stewart

  3. Dear Brother Stewart and Sister Celia,
    We were delighted to see your great interview with CBN about Cuba. So cool! We are praying for you and the ministries. We hope you are well and happy.
    Also, we will check with the church in Hollywood, FL, about a space to store the shipments you want to take in to Cuba. That would not be too far from the airport. Plus, do you still need a nebulizer?
    We LOVED the ministry with you. Thank you for letting us have the great experience of travelling with you and meeting the most lovely people on earth. Love to all,
    Lisa and Bruce