“Retreating” in order to advance

Team picture - cropped
Though I have been ministering in Cuba for fifteen years, it was only in 2013 that we organized a full-time team of regional leaders who would dedicate themselves to ACTION’s vision, projects, and partnerships. Working with these godly and gifted men and their families the past two years has been an amazing blessing to me. Through their diligent efforts our ministry has grown greatly (both in quality and quantity) and I have been freed up from many administrative and logistical concerns.

In celebration of what God has done to knit us together in ministry, we held our first team retreat in mid-October. We traveled from Seattle, Bayamo, Camaguey, Artemisa and Caimito to spend three days together on one of the beautiful beaches of Varadero. Pictured from left to right in the image above are: the Gomero family (Jamie, David, Yaíma and Grace); the Zamora family (Liliana, Ayán, Litsandra, Litsari); Eliseo Navarro and his wife, Marelis; Celia and me; and the Claro family (Arelis, Alternán, Bety, Daner, and Moisés).

Of course, we did it “Cuban style” by renting out three adajcent houses for only $100 per night total and cooking our own meals. It was an unforgettable time of team-building. Or should I say creating family, because we really feel like family. We played volleyball and “keep away” in the water, shared meals, walked around town, rode a roller coaster together, went bowling (many for the first time!) and had structured meeting time in the evenings. This relaxed retreat helped us prepare for what appears to be an amazingly busy 2016 and we made a number of important decisions to clarify our focus.

Thank you for allowing our team to be your bridge to what God is doing in Cuba. We love working together for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and count it a privilege to have your support.