Refreshing generosity

Imagine you are on a hike on a hot and dry day. There are no trees for shade, so as you press forward on the dusty path the blazing sun stings your shoulders and the back of your neck. It is approaching mid-afternoon and you have already been on the trail for a few hours. Your throat is starting to close and your lips are a bit parched. You feel dry, and you feel exhausted.

Just then, as you around a bend on the path, a friend is waiting for you with a smile and some encouraging words. “Great hike so far! Keep at it, you’re doing great!” But your friend offers you more than a welcome pep talk. He hands you a tall, cold glass of water. With a pat on the back and a quick prayer, your friend sends you on your way again, but now you notice a new bounce in your step, almost like when the hike began.

This image comes to mind as I attempt to create a word picture to describe the impact of your generosity toward our Cuban brethren. It is a depiction of what you are accomplishing in real life when refresh pastors and church leaders in Cuba through your giving, prayer, and encouragement.

Your generosity to those who serve Christ is never small, never simply a drop in the bucket of overwhelming need. No! It is a source of refreshment and encouragement to a real person whom the Lord loves and calls his own. As such, your generosity is eternally memorialized by Christ Himself in the form of future blessings, for he says in the last verse of Matthew 10, “Whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.”

Allow me to give you a practical example. This month our Bikes for Pastors project received a $6,000 gift from the USA and a $15 gift from Botswana. Both are treasured by the Lord and both givers will receive their reward from Him! Any act of kindness to a hard-working servant of the Lord accomplishes much on the earth and additionally makes a deposit for future withdrawal in Heaven. A double blessing!

This is not meant to be a fundraising message. Rather, this is a thank you for your refreshing generosity, and a reminder to not grow weary in doing good, not in Cuba nor in all the other places God has connected you to.