Printing and preaching in April and May

me preaching - invertedThe Lord Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and He has shown us how we should think about and behave toward our Creator and our fellow man.

Though I was curious about Jesus throughout my teenage and college years, I was never convinced of His identity or authority. Then, one blessed evening about 22 years ago I began reading the Gospel of John and faith entered my heart. A light turned on inside me and somehow, suddenly, I believed He was the Son of God. And when I arrived at chapter 13 and read that He washed His disciple’s feet, I immediately knelt there in my living room and submitted to Him as Lord.

Who would not want to follow a God this loving and this humble? One would expect God to be all-powerful and all-knowing, but one would not expect Him to wash men’s feet.

But who can know Him unless they are told about Him?

Those of us working on the ACTION Cuba team have the great honor and privilege of telling people about Him, through both our conferences and the publishing ministry.

On May 13th I will travel to Cuba with pastors Patton Franks and Mike Jackson, and we will be teaching about Jesus to roughly 225 pastors and students. On May 20th we will visit the children’s cancer ward of the local hospital and we will tell hurting children and their families about a Savior in whom they can place their hope.

Our trip is short, but we aim to leave behind a greater knowledge of God, through our preaching and through the Bible study materials we will be giving away.

Please pray for us, that we would say and do the right things and that these amazing opportunities would be maximized for the sake of Christ.

Thank you very much and God bless you!