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Our ministry is really a “team effort” and requires the help of dozens of supporters, missionaries, pastors, authors, conference speakers, and short-term visitors.

Some of these colleagues are more formally associated with ACTION than others, and depend on donations from ACTION supporters in order to carry out their part of the ministry.

In Cuba we have the following families serving with us full-time:

David and YaímaDavid & Yaíma Gomero actually met at an ACTION event in 2003, when they were both invited to help as interpreters. They were married soon after, and later decided to leave their successful careers as English professors at major universities to become full-time translators of Christian books.

In addition to continuing that valuable ministry, the Gomeros serve as ACTION Cuba’s Project Coordintors for Artemisa and neighboring areas. They have two daughters and depend on contributions for their family and ministry expenses. You can read David’s testimony of salvation and donate to the Gomeros’ support here.

Ayan and Litsandra Ayán & Litsandra Zamora began working alongside ACTION ten years ago when he was national Vice President of his denomination’s Youth Department. Upon reaching the ripe-old age of 36, he was bound by denominational by-laws to leave that position, and began looking for a new challenge.

The Zamoras accepted ACTION’s invitation to be our Project Coordinators in Bayamo and neighboring areas. They have two daughters and depend on  support for their family and ministry expenses. You can learn more about them and donate to their support here.

Alternan & Arelis Claro

Alternán & Arelis Claro live in Camaguey and serve full-time coordinating our many publishing projects. They also help with logistics for our teams.

Alternán and Arelis have been crucial to our ACTION Cuba since our onset. When they were part-time assistants, they hosted a majority of our international teams, played important roles in most of our conferences and projects, and faithfully managed ACTION finances over the past 14 years. Now, as dedicated ACTION workers, they work year-round to complement and enhance the larger book publishing projects we have in the works. Perhaps you would consider donating to their ministry on a regular basis by clicking here.

In addition to ACTION Cuba Directors Brian & Celia Stewart, the following ACTION missionaries make regular teaching trips to Cuba: (learn more about each one by clicking on their name)

Keith & Marilyn Kaynor

Rex & Donna Carlaw

Gamaliel Canul

And last, but certainly not least, we are grateful for the following pastors and authors who regularly teach in Cuba with us and/or provide funds for the publishing of their books:

Randy Alcorn 

Stuart Briscoe

Stewart Brown

Mark Cahill

David Chapman

Larry Chapman

Wil & Jacquie Chevalier

Brian Harpell

Lim Kou

Craig Keener

Gerry McDermott

Randolph Mercelita

Charles Reed

Harold & Darlene Sala

Benjamin Sanderson

David Waters

Jim & Sharon Welles

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