Meeting urgent needs, with your help

IMG_3246In addition to distributing bicycles and books to pastors in remote areas, the ACTION Cuba team also distributes about $500 per month to individuals and families who are facing some sort of crisis. We emphasize assistance to pastors, single mothers, and the elderly.

Following are some examples of the use of our Benevolence Fund over the first four months of the year:

$15 to a pastor whose daughter got dengue fever while doing her military service
$25 to a pastor and his wife who just had their first child
$25 to a pastor who had to travel to Havana for surgery
$25 to a pastor who is caring for his sick father
$25 to a church-planter who is recovering from an operation due to fluid in his lungs
$25 to a pastor who has to travel from Moa to Havana to get medical attention for his son
$60 worth of construction materials for a family in need
$20 worth of food for a family whose dad is in jail
$25 to an elderly woman who is caring for her developmentally disabled son
$35 to a young man who had his leg amputated due to cancer in his knee
$25 to a mother whose child has cancer in his eye
$75 of food for six men going through the alcoholism recovery program with the Salvation Army
$12 to purchase sheets for a bed-ridden person
$15 to help an elderly woman purchase her medicines
$17 to purchase crutches for an elderly man recovering from surgery
$20 to purchase clothing for a child in need
$25 to buy shoes for a child of a single mother
$15 to a pastor whose son is recovering from appendicitis

As you can see, Cuba’s economy is such that relatively small gifts can make a major impact in the life of an individual or family. The average monthly income in Cuba has remained the same for years at about $25 per month, and I know many pastors and church-planters who make less. When an emergency arises, many families simply have no way of facing the financial consequences of the crisis without outside help.

THANK YOU for giving so that our team can come alongside those who are in need and — in the name of Jesus — alleviate some of their suffering. We are grateful that you help us, so that we can help them!

Click here to donate online to our Benevolence Fund.