Intense Battles, Great Victories

Thank you very much for praying for my trip November 11-28. If ever we needed prayer for everything that went on in Cuba and at home, this was it. Let me explain.

Arriving in Cuba, we learned that a bridge was washed out and we would have to go four hours out of our way in order to arrive in Baracoa. Though we arrived about a half hour late for our own conference, the Lord was good to us and the weekend went very, very well.

Traveling to Bayamo, we met up with the leadership of the national pastors’ association and got our three-day conference underway. We were all encouraged to have 210 pastors and ministers from 17 denominations in attendance. It took special permission from the government to allow ACTION to minister with this group, and we considered it a major breakthrough in our ten-year-old ministry.

On the morning of the second day, the president of the pastors’ association collapsed in pain as he was preparing to arrive at the conference. He was rushed to the hospital and soon thereafter had an emergency appendectomy. The other leaders of the association, who had traveled all the way across the country for the event, spent the next two days taking care of him. They had to feed him, help him to the bathroom — they really cared for him 24/7.

Then, on the next and final day of the conference, we arrived at the church to find that there was no electricity. David and Benjamin’s  Powerpoint presentations were no good without power! And in the afternoon we lost water service as well. So, we finished up with 210 people in a church with no power (meaning no fans, either!) and no water.

On the home front, Celia had a car sideswipe her on the freeway. A week later a pipe burst in our home. So, she had to deal with two insurance claims while I was away. When I returned home, we were advised of a family emergency and within 24 hours we were in Mexicali, Mexico. We arrived just in time to say goodbye to a two-day old baby, and comfort our beloved niece and her husband.

So, Cuba was hard, Seattle was hard, and Mexicali was hard. Earth is hard. I look forward to the day when the Lord remakes the earth and we enter into the life that truly suits us. Until then, it is my privilege to keep plodding on in these struggles, because the intense battles really do lead to great victories.