In Tribute to Michael Wells

Last Wednesday I awoke to horrible news. Author, speaker, and missionary Michael Wells had passed away in his sleep while on a speaking tour in Costa Rica.

I first learned of Mike about 16 years ago when ACTION’s BookShare ministry in Colombia published his book “Sidetracked in the Wilderness” in Spanish. Since then, I have read two more of his books and listened to many, many hours of his teaching while driving.

From those CDs, and from some emails he and I exchanged over the years, I felt like I knew Mike, though we had never met. But that was just about to change. Mike and I were going to end up ministering in Cuba at the same time in November and I had been so excited to finally meet him next month.

I had been imagining giving him a big hug in Havana. I guess now I will save that hug for Heaven.

In fact, I am currently having 1,000 copies of “Sidetracked in the Wilderness” printed in Cuba, which were meant as a surprise for Mike. I was going to give him a few hundred to hand out during his time there and distribute some at my own conferences. I will go ahead and hand out his books, but now I will do it in memory of his well-lived life. I can’t believe I will never get the chance to meet him on this earth. He was only 59.

If you would like to know more about Mike’s teachings, you can download a Word document by clicking here.

The document is a transcription of four messages from CDs. Because this particular teaching series has made an impact on my life, I paid to have the CDs transcribed in March, to aid my personal study. Now that Mike has passed I thought I should share this document with others. May the Lord encourage you through these words of Mike’s, which have not been edited or polished.

I encourage you to visit and order some of Michael Wells’ excellent materials.

The phrase Mike was most known for was “There is nothing the nearness of Jesus cannot overcome.” He understands that in even a more profound way now!