I was “up a tree” until I met a man up a tree!

treeI woke up this morning thinking about all the things that I need to pack for my Cuba trip. I depart for Miami tomorrow morning. I have been feeling stressed because it appeared I was going to be returning to the children’s cancer ward of the provincial hospital almost empty-handed. I did not have much success in finding any of the items that they had hoped our team would take them. I was even daydreaming that perhaps one of the pastors I am meeting in Miami on Monday would hand me a bag full of medical equipment!

Well, the Lord had an even more amazing provision in store for me.

In the early afternoon I drove to the ACTION office in order to print some full color brochures. The only other car in the parking lot was one I did not recognize, and I did not find anybody inside the building. I went outside and walked around the side of the building and found a good friend of mine up in one of our trees, sawing off limbs.

He said he had been asked to do some volunteer landscaping by one of my office colleagues. I asked him why he decided to do it today, and he responded that originally he was scheduled to participate in a graduation ceremony at a local Christian university. However, his robe was behind a locked door that no one seemed to have a key for. So, since he was one of 400 faculty that were going to partake in the ceremony, he decided he would not be missed and determined he would go to the ACTION office and do the needed tree trimming.

He was aware of my need for medical equipment and asked how I was doing in obtaining things from the hospital’s list. I responded that I had not made much progress. He then asked me if I would still be in the area later in the afternoon. When I said yes, he immediately set out for a local medical supply company and purchased six high quality stethoscopes for me to take to the doctors and nurses.

To make this story more incredible, while he was at that company he began speaking with the manager and she donated 25 sets of scrubs, lightly worn, for me to take down.

I went from being empty-handed to having more than I could actually take in one suitcase. 

What was a locked door for my friend became an open door for me!

May this be an encouragement to you today, that God has ways of providing for you that you could never conceive of in advance.