Hurricane relief delivered

Twelve days after hurricane Sandy swept through Santiago, I delivered $20,000 and 200 pounds of supplies to leaders of the Baptist, Pentecostal, and Lutheran denominations we work with in eastern Cuba. Thank you for making it possible!

Thanks to donations from FBC Everett and others I took in about two suitcases of anti-diarrhea medicine, pain relievers (for adults, children, and infants), and children’s vitamins.

In addition to the various drills, saws, hammers, pliers, and other tools I purchased in Miami, once in Cuba I helped buy a chainsaw, 70 pounds of roofing nails, door hinges, electric cable, and six more drills. Most of the rest of the cash went toward buying roofing materials (which the government dropped to half price).

The churches are now in “repair and reconstruction” mode and most have organized work teams to help put roofs over peoples’ heads again. The damage is so widespread  it can be overwhelming. Just one church I am connected to, the Third Baptist in Santiago, has 30 families whose homes were completely destroyed, and another 200 whose roofs were partially damaged.

Thank you again for showing love and concern to our Cuban brethren during moments of crisis and desperation. As we are able to, ACTION will continue to assist financially.

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