How to Do Missions in Cuba Under the New Travel Policy

The changes to the Cuba travel and remittance policies that the White House announced on January 14th were published in the Federal Register on January 28th.

We now have the details for missions travel to Cuba:

●  There is no longer a specific license or permit necessary for Christian organizations and church groups to travel to Cuba.

●  Members and staff of religious organizations are allowed to travel to Cuba as long as they are engaged in a full-time program of religious activities. (Meaning, you can’t fly down for tourist purposes and then attend church just on Sunday!)

●  Each traveler must carry with them a letter on the religious group’s official letterhead stating that 1) the traveler is a member of that group and is traveling to Cuba under the auspices of the organization, and 2) that he or she is involved in a full-time program of activities while ministering in Cuba.

●  The letter must be signed by a “designated representative” of the organization, which means “the official responsible for overseeing the organization’s Cuba travel program.”

●  Your group may take down as much money as is necessary for your activities. No special license or permit is needed. OFAC’s summary of the policy changes states that “unlimited remittances” are approved to Cuban religious organizations for the purpose of religious activities.

If you are inclined to slog through the legalese (as I was), you can find the complete text of the policy changes here.

May God bless you as you pursue His call to minister in Cuba. If you are looking for a Cuban church or denomination to connect with, please contact me.

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26 thoughts on “How to Do Missions in Cuba Under the New Travel Policy

  1. Brian,
    As always you lead the way in keeping us up todate on “everything Cuban”! Really thank you for your endless labor for the church of Cuba and for your friends. Keep up the great work!
    In Christ,
    Benjamin Faircloth
    WOMI/Victory Life Center

    • You are very kind, Ben. It is a blessing to have colleagues like yourself who are sold-out for Christ and passionate about helping the Church in Cuba. God bless you.

      • Brian,
        Many blessings to you. My father is originally from Guines, La Habana and the Lord has been quickening my heart for them. My church and I would love to plan a missions trip there we just don’t have any pastoral contacts there. Is there any way you may be able to help?

        • Possibly. I will send you an email with some ideas. I normally work in eastern Cuba, but one of my main colleagues, the president of the Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba, lives in Caimito, which is not far from Havana.

          God bless,


  2. Wondering if you have any contacts on the Isle of Pines off of the coast of Cuba? I am a pastor in Pittsburgh and would love the opportunity to do a short term mission there. Thanks

    • Sorry, Bill, I have only a few contacts in western Cuba, and none in the Isle of Pines. The Lord started me in Cuba in the east and that is where most of my friends and ministries are.

  3. Hi, I’ve been searching for a church group to get involved with and go to Cuba. Can you please tell me how I could do that?

    • James: thanks for your love and concern for Cuba. I will send you something via email that may provide some of the information you are looking for.

  4. Our Church Youth Group is interested in a mission trip to Cuba. How do we get started? Can we partner with another Church that already is active in Cuba?

    • Hello, Nancy. I am not sure I have a connection for you here in the USA. However, if you are looking for a church or denomination to connect with in Cuba, I can help with that. I will send you an email to see if I can be of help.

  5. Hi Brian,

    I would like to send my college-aged son and daughter to Cuba for a summer mission. Do you know of any churches or programs that he could become involved with? He loves the Lord and speaks Spanish (learned in school) well. Thanks for your help!

    • Thanks very much for your question, and for your family’s interest in Cuba. I will reply by email with some thoughts. Brian

  6. Hello Brian,

    My name is Patricio Texidor (Pat is fine). I was born and raised in Havana until the age of 10 when my family moved to the US. I have been a christian since high school. Over the years, I have thought about doing missions, but family has prevented me from doing so. I am now a retired high school art teacher and have time to devote to God’s work. I have a heart for my native land. I want to be a missionary to Cuba. I speak Spanish fluently. I attend Southern Lakes Evangelical Free Church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. I think I can get some folks there excited about sending me to Cuba. Your web presence is an answer to my prayers. I really believe God will put something together for me soon. Let me know what information you can provide me that can help me in fulfilling my call.



    • Dear Patricio,

      It is wonderful to hear of your interest in ministering in Cuba. I will send you some material by email and then we can discuss ways that either you could travel down with one of ACTION’s teams, or contact some of my Cuban colleagues directly.

  7. Brian,
    Thanks so much for the info. I returned to the states on the 3rd of March after more than two and a half years in
    Bolivia as a missionary. I am very interested in going to Cuba as soon as I can to do a preliminary trip for upcoming opportunities. Do you know if it is possible for me and my family to relocate there? I am not saying thus says the Lord on this, I am simply curious to know. Thanks again.

    • Ron, I haven’t met any Americans allowed to live in Cuba except those who are married to Cubans! There was actually an American missionary and his family who went to Cuba some years ago and just stayed to minister. After a couple of years they were kicked out. I also had severe problems one time when I did not abide by the visa requirements. However, I and numerous others have fruitful ministries in Cuba by being based in the USA and then traveling down 2 or 3 times each year. The religious worker’s visa needed to minister in Cuba is good for 30 days, so on three trips per year you can get 90 days of ministry. I will send you some more information by email. God bless your interest in Cuba.

  8. Brian, I would also appreciate contact information. I worked independently in Bolivia, preaching and working with the Church of God and planting independent churches. Please send me an email with your info about contacts.

    • Great to hear from you, Ron. I will email you and we can see how the Lord might use me to help you make contacts in Cuba.

  9. Am Pastor Andrew Mendeni , work in Kenya with Christian organization for over 20 years and have been involved in Gospel outreach and desire to have some contacts in Cuba for partnership of work.

  10. Hello Brian,
    I am another missionary born in Cuba and came to the USA as a child. I still have family there and have surrendered to travel to Cuba and share the Gospel from Miami. Any info you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. And any contacts with the Baptist churches would also help. I am so burdened for my people and excited to get to minister to them. Thank you so much for your help. Joseph Martinez

  11. Brian,

    I am a college senior at Union University. I have felt a call to Cuban ministry and would love to know some more information about how I could get involved with what God is doing there. Thanks

    • Hi, Tucker. Please email me at brian (at) and I would be glad to correspond about opportunities in Cuba.

    • Hi, Tucker. Please email me at brian (at) and we can correspond about ministry opportunities in Cuba. Thanks.

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