God’s protection as tires blow out

David GomeroDavid Gomero is our official representative in western Cuba and he celebrated his birthday on the November 5th. I had arranged for David’s wife and daughters to spend that day with him at the famous Varadero beach along with ACTION missionaries Keith & Marilyn Kaynor. This was their one off-day between conferences and we rented a car so that the family could be together.

David later sent me the following message:

“When Yaíma and the girls were being driven home, one of the rear tires exploded while they were on a dangerous curve. The driver was able to stop the car and put on the spare. Not much time had passed when one of the front tires blew out, when they were on another dangerous curve. They no longer had a spare tire, so they thought they were stuck.

“Miraculously, someone stopped and gave them a spare tire. We see the hand of God in this. No one in Cuba lets a stranger have their spare tire; they are simply too valuable. God protected them and saved them, avoiding a disaster on my birthday.”

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