God never takes a vacation

IMG_20150818_160406As featured in last month’s snail-mail newsletter, our Bikes for Pastors ministry has been blessed with many generous donations this year. Our team absolutely loves this project but as donations increased we encountered a problem: we were unable to find enough bikes to purchase!

Ayán Zamora, our representative in the eastern part of the island, recently wrote me the following: “I am sorry to tell you there are no bikes in any of the eastern provinces. My wife has the phone numbers of stores in all the major cities and she calls them every week to see if they have bikes available.” I was hearing the same thing from David Gomero in the west and Alternán Claro in the central region. Keep in mind this is Cuba and this is just how things are.

Well, as the month rolled on, it was time for family vacations and so ministry was supposedly “put on hold” until September. What we hadn’t counted on is that God never takes a vacation!

Alternán and his family went to a beach that is about an hour and a half from their home. He wrote, “We came for rest, but I discovered a gold mine. We happened to stop by a little store here and they had six bikes on display. I spoke with the manager and she had two more in the back room and four more in a warehouse nearby. You can’t imagine how excited she was when I told her I would buy all 12 bikes. All the employees in the store and at the warehouse heard about the big sale, and I explained to each one our purpose to give them away to pastors. They couldn’t believe it, nor could the passers-by when they saw me loading up my little Lada!”