Give a pastor a bike for only $169

Bikes for delivery in JuneWould you spend a year’s salary on a car?

Depending on what you make in a year, it may be that you would. After all, transportation is an essential part of our family and work life. Where my wife and I live, for example, public transportation just doesn’t get us everywhere we need to go.

But would you spend a years’ salary on a bike?

Unless you are a professional rider gearing up for the Tour de France I assume you would not!

Amazingly, in Cuba a pastor or church-planter in a rural area would have to do exactly that. In order to purchase a bicycle he would have to save up an amount equivalent to his annual income.

Though I have been to Cuba 47 times, it is still hard to believe that families can live on $10 or $12 or $15 per month. Though pastors of larger churches now make as much as $40 or $50 per month, smaller, newly-formed, and rural churches can only afford to pay their pastors a small amount. For many of these pastors, buying a bike is way beyond their means. Though spiritually they have abundant life in Christ, financially speaking their families are always on survival mode.

In response to this need, several years ago ACTION missionaries Keith & Marilyn Kaynor began giving out bikes during their annual trips to the island. The project began slowly, but now that we have three Cuban families working with us full-time the number of bikes being delivered to pastors and church planters is amazing. In just the last 30 days our team has delivered 30 bikes!

As this project has grown, thankfully our costs have declined. We used to purchase bikes one or two at a time. Recently, however, as the picture at the top of this letter shows, we have been buying several at a time. It now costs us only $169 to purchase a bike and deliver it to a needy pastor.

You and I may think of bikes as recreational accessories, but for the recipients in Cuba they are basic transportation. Their lives are so different from ours that it is hard for me to explain the importance of this, so I will let the pastors speak for themselves. On the next page are some pictures and testimonies that will touch your heart. This is a life-changing gift you can make to a dedicated servant of Christ.

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Thank you and God bless you!