Former Master Mason finds Christ!

Two weeks ago I received an amazing testimony of how the Lord has used Ron Carlson’s book to rescue someone from darkness. The email came from a trusted friend who has helped us distribute Ron’s book. He wrote:
Master Mason who found Christ
“I am sending you a photo of a brother who leads a cell group of 30 people. He stopped by the print shop recently, hoping we had some evangelistic tracts he could use. After we spoke for a while and got to know each other, he told me his testimony. He was previously a Master Mason but through the gift of the book ‘Fast Facts on False Teachings’ by Ron Carlson he was converted and God began to show him the way of faith in Jesus. This news brought me such joy that we continued talking and I told him about you and your work, and about the author and his visit to our church. You need to know this, Brian, that what we are doing together for the glory of God is bearing fruit, and we can rejoice because we are part of the gearbox of information, training, and encouragement that impels forward everyone here who is submitted to God.”

I praise God for this. We proceed by faith, confident that God is blessing the work He assigns us, but every now and then we appreciate a glimpse into the spiritual impact our publishing ministry is having.