Field report from Dr. Stewart Brown

Stew Brown 1Dr. Stewart Brown of Edmonton, Alberta, recently completed a two-week trip to Cuba that was organized for him by ACTION. During that time he taught at the Elim Bible Institute. Dr. Brown sent us the following report:

“I am very grateful to you and all ACTION staff who assisted me in completing all necessary details for my recent two-week teaching trip to Cuba. The January 31 return became early Feb 1 before I actually arrived home.

“It was wonderful trip. After landing at Holguin, I traveled with Pastor Wilter to Las Tunas where I preached at a church. On our way the next day, we encountered some gas fumes in the old Russian Lada car which made for an unpleasant experience.  Yet, I am grateful that the Lord protected us and gave me unusual energy for the opening session at the Elim Bible Institute.  Eliseo, Juan (the school’s director), and others were very encouraging about my sermon that night “The Difference Maker” from Psalm 90. Praise God, who obviously used it in very practical ways for so many. There was great rapport with my translator for the first segment of the trip, Jorge.

“In addition to the three daily teaching times, there was the work of preparing an examination and a marking guide for the faculty. This, plus all the times of interaction, Q&A, and prayer times made for a very busy but enjoyable week. It was an amazing experience to see how God worked in the whole trip.   As you know, Brian, I have been invited to return at the same time next year.

“What a joy to see Dr. Magalis and her husband Ernesto as students in my class for the week.  Both of them gave me long hugs in an emotional farewell before they left for home at the end of that week. They will always be special in my heart!

“It is exciting to hear responses from so many pastors and leaders who want to now teach the “Encouraging Mentor” materials in the 40 plus churches represented. In addition to the class workbook, the church pastors have access to my Powerpoints for teaching their own people. I pray that God will use it to truly equip their people for more lasting fruit of passionate Christ-like disciples.

“Brian, you have a great reputation here in Cuba. You are obviously God’s man in this ministry for such a time as this. God bless you!  Stewart”

Stew Brown 2