Expressions of gratitude

One of my most pleasant tasks as Director of ACTION Cuba is to translate into English the thank-you notes we receive from men who have been blessed by our Bikes for Pastors project. I translate them and send them to each donor, along with a picture of the pastor with his bicycle. Here are some expressions of gratitude we have received recently:

CalixtoCalixto Chala González, Methodist pastor:
I thank our Lord Jesus Christ and the ACTION ministry and all the donors for their love and for blessing us with this bicycle. This will help me keep serving the work of the Lord with all my heart. I bless you and have no words to express my gratitude. I hardly believed it when brother Ayán told me the good news and I was so excited that I just had to kneel down to thank God for this gift. God bless you!


MiltonMilton Cadet Brown, Baptist pastor:
God bless your ministry. You have been a channel of blessing to us. The bicycle will be used to visit the brethren and disciple them, and to evangelize others. That work is almost impossible to do without a bicycle. We thank all those who were involved in such a blessing. God bless you, and we will be praying for you.

LiuberLiuber Toirac Matos, Open Bible Church pastor:
Glory to God! Hallelujah! This is a great blessing! I am very happy to have a bike like this, which is strong so I can carry my wife to the different places where we serve. I have to travel very often to the city and now I do it on this bike, which saves me money and time. Thank God and those who had the desire to bless others through a wonderful gift like this.


Ernesto - smallMy name is Ernesto Hernández Cabrera, I am 53 years old, and I work as a church planter alongside my wife Judith, at the Baptist Church in Piedrecita. I have been following the Lord for 17 years and every day I make an effort to win more souls for Christ. It is a great responsibility. I ask God that he will give me strength and health, since I am getting older, but as long as I have strength I will keep investing it in His work.

I thank you greatly for this donation that you have given me that will facilitate my ministry. With this bike I can visit places that are farther away and where there are people who need the Word of God. We pray for you, and desire that God will bless you very much. We love you in the Lord. May the peace and love of God be with you!