Eternal Answers evangelism and discipleship program launched

Charles Ulibarri with first class of Eternal Answers disciplers

Charles Ulibarri with first class of Eternal Answers disciplers

July was the official launch of the Eternal Answers evangelism and discipleship project. Thanks to brothers Dave and Larry Chapman, we have already printed the tracts (150,000) and discipleship manuals (2,500) that form the foundation of this outreach.

Dave’s 10-panel tract has enough questions and Scripture to really start up a good conversation with someone and hopefully lead them to the Lord. Then, Larry’s 98-page workbook helps new believers learn the basics of the faith through the study of key verses in the New Testament.

ACTION missionary Charles Ulibarri taught the first training course in Sancti Spíritus. Each one of the persons trained is now using the tracts, booklets, and New Testaments provided by ACTION for one-on-one discipleship.

Interdenominational leader Maikel Milán commented, “ACTION has organized the strategic discipleship plan that we were needing. The Lord knows how much I have prayed for this through the years.

Charles wrote the following about one marvelous afternoon at the training in Sancti Spíritus:

“I sent them out in pairs and for about an hour in the hot, Cuban sun they shared the Gospel message with 96 people. They came back with both sweat and smiles on their faces, excited and praising God for the experience! Ten people came to faith in Christ. Immediately they were given contact information and scheduled for follow-up and discipleship from someone on the team and in the local church.”

Maikel Milán added, “It was a wonderful experience to see the effectiveness of the tracts. But, as you know, the goal is not just to win people for Jesus. Discipleship is the real goal. Since there are several lessons in the book, I think we can have results by the end of the year.”

Later in the same trip, Charles conducted a training session for about 20 leaders during the mornings of the Youth Retreat in Zulueta. One afternoon the group went out to the streets with tracts and came back reporting that eleven people had put their faith in Jesus!