Emergency trip home from Cuba

Dear Friends of the Church in Cuba,

If you have been praying for me: thank you.

Less than half-way through my October trip I was notified that my stepdad had a massive, life-threatening stroke. I was able to travel all the way home from rural western Cuba in only 26 hours, which was an amazing answer to prayer. I arrived at the Havana airport at 7:30 pm and by 9:00 pm had purchased a ticket and was aboard a plane departing for Miami! I slept three hours in a hotel, then headed to Seattle.

I made it to the hospital in time to say goodbye, though my stepdad, Howard, was in a coma by then. He died early the next morning. Our family has heavy hearts but we are encouraging one another.

The trip had been going very well until then. Our pastors and wives retreat had an attendance of 205 and the interdenominational conference had 271. The team finished the third event without me, at a city-wide leadership conference. I had expected about 125 pastors and leaders, but 180 attended!

I was particularly sorry to miss that last event in Santiago, since it was a “test” of a new ministry model we plan to employ throughout 2014, allowing us to reach more leaders in more cities in Cuba at a per-person cost that is much lower than our current expenses. It appears that model will be successful.

In addition, over 4,800 books were handed out. It has been a fantastic year for our printing ministry.

I am grateful to Dr. Harold and Darlene Sala, missionary Randolph Mercelita, pastor Dave Waters, and missionary Gama Canul, for their amazing commitment to teach the Bible and Biblical principles. Much gratitude as well to translator —and, later, team adminstrator— Aracely Mendoza.

God is doing amazing things and the open doors are greater than ever. Thanks for being a part of it.

Yours in Christ,

Brian Stewart
ACTION Cuba Director

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  1. Brian, I am sorry for you and your families loss. May God Bless you and your family.

    Thank you so much for the help and support you provide so many people year around. We Love you all,and have a restful, peaceful, Thanksgiving.

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