Cuba pardons three thousand prisoners

A colleague of mine in Cuba who directs a ministry that reaches over 6,000 prisoners in twelve prisons in central Cuba sent me a report this week that included the following news (which I had not heard through any of the regular Cuba media outlets I read):

“More than 3,000 pardons were given before the end of December. If I’m not mistaken, in Cuba no one has been pardoned since 1956. Life sentences were reduced to 20 years, so everyone serving life but who has been jailed for more than 20 years will have their case reviewed and they may be set free if they meet certain conditions.

“They are changing the prison system so that people are jailed less time and so that more prisoners be allowed to serve their time through community service. One of the tangible results of these changes is that the majority of the prisoners we ministered to who were in Granma were freed. They had become believers, and many other prisoners in other provinces, who had also become Christians, qualified for pardons due to their good behavior.” [my translation]

Cuba is, indeed, changing. And by Cuban standards, at a quick pace. More changes can be expected for 2012, especially with the Pope’s visit in March. (The Pope’s visit in 1998 was followed by a number of changes, and I expect that his visit this year also comes with some concessions on the part of the Cuban government.)

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3 thoughts on “Cuba pardons three thousand prisoners

  1. Thanks Brian for sharing.
    What great news for the Kingdom of God, the people of Cuba and those who care for and have prayed for them!
    Indeed, we look forward to further changes & pray that many would increasingly turn to love & serve God.
    I pray that many strong Christian believers would obey the Great Commission and reach out to those who visit their island from other nations, and also many would go serve in nations with which Cuba has relations.

  2. Blessed one more question.
    I’m starting a project of distance counseling since she does not allow us to work in all prisons, but I can get with this program to all alike.
    But I’m short on literature and other things, I alternated said in its draft literature include prisoners want and I am very grateful, if you could please ask you something is that every time they can print a book intended to work somewhere in the prisons and if this project can I have to so that you understand better what you attached.
    This is the best strategy we have found for the discipleship of prisoners but we have material to send … but trust God

  3. God bless
    He writes a chaplain Cuban, after reading these lines and have enjoyed at the time of this process pardons, I thank God for this decision by the Cuban government, which since 2008 when it passed the law allowing legalized and work chaplains in prisons has not ceased to amaze me, have always really worried now re-education and spiritual growth by giving the evangelical church the opportunity to develop a chaplaincy program through the Council of Churches of Cuba ….
    I am grateful for the revival that God has created in Cuban prisons, certainly John Weslaey was right to say: ¨ the revival of the church begins in prisons ¨
    Worse still lack organization, resource and training, this revival prison you need more friends … will you?
    Maikel Rev. Suarez Mauris Milan

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