Cuba, By The Numbers

2,000   The amount of dollars still needed to cover all the costs of our four events in November.

36    Average number of days I spend in Cuba each year.

54    Number of days I plan to be in Cuba in 2011.

14    Number of travel hours to get from Seattle to Baracoa. 4 hours by plane, 2 hours by plane, then 1 hour by plane, followed by 7 hours by car.

25    Maximum number of American citizens the US government allows me to take to Cuba each year. As the ministry grows it is harder and harder to accomplish all of our events with only 25 people.

50,000   Amount needed to fully fund all of our conferences in 2011. We have events planned for January, April, June, September, and November.

10    Number of different beds I slept in during my trip.

500,000  state-employed workers will be laid off as of January 1. This fact, along with the ongoing food shortage, has Cubans apprehensive and uncertain. In response to the layoffs, the government is granting business licenses which will allow private enterprise, including the hiring of employees. They are also creating a wholesale-priced supply of raw materials. Cubans are ingenious, hard-working, and ambitious. They will make it through these tough times.

92    decibels at the worship service in Baracoa, as measured by Dave’s iPhone.

8    CUC per month is still the salary of many Cuban pastors. This is the equivalent of ten dollars.

50     CUC is what some foreign groups offer pastors per month, in order to quickly grow their ministry presence in Cuba. Pastors leave their churches to serve full-time with these groups. Is this really a good way to help?

0    The number of times in the future I will attend a marriage retreat without my wife. In Gibara even the speakers and the translators were husband and wife! Boy, did I feel lonely. God was gracious to me, though, and had me stay at the home of an elderly widow who had come to know God personally through reading a Bible someone had given her, and through prayer. She had never been to church. We had some great talks.