Bikes for Cuban pastors

Many Cuban pastors we work with travel long distances on foot and on public transportation in order to minister at the churches and mission stations they are responsible for.

A bike allows a pastor to accomplish more by reducing his travel time between home and church, and will allow him to visit more people from his congregation. It also makes family errands such as grocery shopping and taking the kids to school much easier and quicker.

And, just as importantly, it will be a great encouragement to a tireless worker, who makes less than $20 per month on average. The gift of a bike will be a motivation to “keep working for the Lord” even in the most difficult of circumstances.

One of our bike recipients in January 2011, was pastor Angel Morales, who wrote a thank-you note saying, “I will use this bike to the fullest extent to serve Jesus. With my salary, I could have never afforded to buy this bicycle.”

ACTION can purchase and deliver a durable, high-quality bike to a Cuban pastor for $169.

This amount provides the best bike available in Cuba, which are normally imported from China (a country which knows a thing or two about bikes). By Cuban standards, the bikes we buy are “top of the line.”

We have delivered over two dozen bikes so far and are eager to help more pastors. Won’t you join us in this worthy endeavor?

When you give $199 to buy a bike, we will send you a picture of the pastor who received your gift, so you can pray for him and his family. Whenever possible, we will send you a picture of the pastor with his new bike.

In eleven years of ministry in Cuba, ACTION has been blessed to establish ministry partnerships with many denominational leaders, who are all assisting us in selecting the neediest pastors to receive these bikes.

We will be distributing the bikes among a number of denominations we work with, so if you have a preference that your gift go toward one of the specific groups listed below, please email our Cuba Director, Brian Stewart, and he will make sure your specific designation is carried out.

To donate, please click here.

Thank you and God bless you for your love and concern for Cuban pastors!

Groups that will be receiving bikes:

Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba
Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba
CIMPEC (the national pastors’ and ministers’ association)
Lutheran Church
Open Bible Church
Salvation Army
Pinos Nuevos