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In October of 2013 we launched a new conference series based on the results of our many years of organizing leadership training events in Cuba.

In English the name of this new conference ministry is Bible Training Workshops (Talleres de Entrenamiento Bíblico) and these events have the following characteristics:

• Three-day conferences with a total of at least 15 teaching hours

• Attendance in the range of 75 to 125 pastors, church-planters and other leaders.

• The events are local, not regional or national like some of our other conferences. This keeps our costs low, as we move the teaching team from city to city instead of moving the pastors to where we are.

• $10 per attendee is the maximum budget, so a conference for 100 pastors is only $1000.

• A hearty lunch is provided, as well as coffee breaks.

• A set of Bible study books is distributed at the end.

We are grateful that after 13 years of ministry our reputation with Cuban pastors is excellent and our conference teams are viewed as reliable Bible teachers. As one pastor wrote me after the October event:

“The ministry model of having city-wide conferences like you did in Santiago is fantastic, especially given the expense of other types of events. The attendance was exceptional, and part of that is due to the prestige that ACTION has earned after so many years. Many times the larger, more established churches avoid interdenominational conferences but that was certainly not the case at the ACTION workshops.”

Another pastor wrote about the same conference:

“Though I had to travel unexpectedly, I sent my leadership team and our church-planters to the event with David Waters and Gamaliel Canul. All of them loved the teaching sessions, which were very contextualized for the reality we live in here. God ministered to them during this event!”

Earlier this year a pastor emailed this:

“The conference couldn’t have been better. The topics taught were very timely, and met real needs in the Cuban churches. I trust the teaching has been assimilated well and will now be taught in the congregations. Our leadership is now thinking outside the four walls of the church, but we still have a long way to go.”

The teaching topics vary, depending on the speakers, but some training topics have been:

Preaching basic Christianity: Grace
How do we define ministry success?
Having a Christ-centered ministry
The profile of a “great” church
Biblical principles of family life
How to maintain purity in doctrine
Keys to servant leadership
Pastoral counseling
How to get men more involved in church
From believer to disciple
Reliable signs of true spirituality
Seven vital qualities of a kingdom leader

Our desire and plan is to organize at least eight Bible Training Workshops each year.

If you would like to partner with us, please visit our online donation page on the Action International Ministries website.