“Back to Baracoa” a success!

Thank you for helping hurricane victims

20170429_094004Thank you for praying — the “Back to Baracoa” project ended up reaching even more churches than we had planned! ACTION Cuba’s team of five led by Ayán Zamora had hoped to visit 20 congregations, but things went so smoothly they were able to increase that to 25. Churches from the following denominations were blessed: Baptist, Christian Pentecostal, Methodist, Assemblies of God, and Pinos Nuevos (New Pines).

Both the truck and the jeep made it through all the checkpoints and challenging terrain with no problem, and all the materials were delivered, which included 20 bikes, 500 Bibles, 500 sets of 8 devotional and Bible-study books, about 15,000 Eternal Answers tracts, clothing, shoes, and reading glasses.

Please praise God with us; this is no small accomplishment. We are so grateful to be able to serve His people in this way.

Ayán wrote, “We arrived unexpectedly at one pastor’s home and he could not believe we were going to give him a bike for his ministry. He said that in the 21 years he has been a pastor no one had ever given him a gift like that. All these years he has been traveling on foot to visit all the families in the church.”

Ayán also commented, “Perhaps, if funds are available, we could return in the summer and host special appreciation luncheons for the pastors in each of these towns. That would be a great encouragement to the churches.”

Thank you for giving and praying to make this possible!