April Trip Report

The five-day discipleship camp at Canaán was our sixth since 2000 and this one was undoubtedly one of the best. The Lord moved through the teaching of Thomas Smoak and Benjamin Sanderson and there were several times where many came forward to confess sin and to rededicate themselves to the Lord. Although Thomas and Ben had not coordinated their topics, as they each spoke twice daily the Lord knit their messages together as though it had all been planned out. (And I guess it was!) We were privileged to have over 540 in attendance.

Our experience at the camp in Bayamo was more of a challenge. Two weeks prior to our arrival pastor Alcibiades was notified that our reservation for the campsite had “fallen through” and he began days of great effort to salvage the event. We were able to be at a campsite for only one of the three days. Our time listening to the teaching as we sat on the grass in the shade was very edifying, especially Benjamin’s message about glorifying God with our bodies.

The final event of the trip was an interdenominational conference with the national fellowship of ministers and pastors (CIMPEC). This was held in Camaguey with Dr. Gerald McDermott teaching from his book “Seeing God.” It went very well. Camaguey is a province that has experienced strife and division as some pastors have declared themselves apostles and broken away from their denominations, keeping the church property for their new congregations. Our conference brought over 150 leaders together from many denominations and the sense of unity in Christ was very special.