A miraculous provision all the way from Malaysia

Treasure chest with money spilling outLate into the evening of July 2nd I sent out an urgent prayer request explaining that the next morning I was headed to Miami and then Cuba, but without sufficient resources to reimburse the local churches who had invested their meager savings into the preparations for the four ACTION events we had scheduled. I was in a financial bind like I had never experienced before.

Some of the friends and supporters of this ministry replied right away with words of encouragement, some wrote pledging to help, and in every way the Lord surrounded me and lifted me up through your love and concern.

I then received the following email from a friend in Singapore, that to my mind explains the Lord’s perfect plan in this “delay” in receiving the needed funds. I want to share these words with you so that you can rejoice and be reminded that God is accomplishing things far greater than we can imagine and that His “delays” simply allow a more perfect plan to develop, for His glory and our collective (instead of just individual) encouragement. My friend wrote:

“My husband and I went back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week to visit his father, who is 90 years old. I was there to help my father-in-law clear my late mum-in-law’s belongings. To our surprise, she kept quite a large amount of cash in Singapore and Malaysia currency in a locked drawer under her sewing machine. It’s likely that she kept most of the Singapore currency which we gave her over the years.

“My father-in-law gave us the Singapore dollars since we could use them in Singapore. A passing thought came to me, that maybe the Lord wants to use the money for His work. Then a few days later, I received your latest email update. I did a quick calculation and realised that the amount that is lacking for your coming trip to Cuba is about the same amount that we were given in Singapore currency by my father-in-law!

“I was wondering if it’s a coincidence or the Lord’s perfect timing. We know that there is no coincidence and everything happens for a reason. I prayed over this and asked the Lord to show me clearer if it’s His will that we should contribute towards giving to the Cuba ministry with the money that my father-in-law gave us. I prayed that my husband would be agreeable to the contribution should the Lord lead us to give in that direction. If it’s not agreeable to him, I’d take it that it probably wasn’t the Lord’s will for us to give at this time. I forwarded your email to him yesterday morning and shared with him about it. We then discussed and he was agreeable to do so. With his agreement, it seems to me that it’s a confirmation from the Lord. So I would like to let you know that a gift was sent to Action International for the Cuba ministry and for you this morning.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus! I thought I was broke but I couldn’t see that you had a special account established for me in a locked drawer under a sewing machine in Malaysia. How foolish I am, oh Lord, and how great you are.

Friends, may you be encouraged to give thanks to our Father for His perfect planning and perfect care for us.