Publishing and distribution of books

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There are no Christian bookstores in Cuba.

The need for good Bible study, discipleship, and pastoral leadership books is great. Some Christian workers have such hunger for books that they borrow whatever they can from others and copy them by hand.

It is extremely difficult and very rare to get a permit to import books, and individual travelers are only allowed to carry in five copies per title, making it almost impossible to get material into Cuba on any large scale.

In response to this dire need, in 2004 we began working with a few church-based print shops in the country, all using 1950’s equipment (or older). They work diligently to obtain paper— not an easy task— and to keep their antiquated presses running well. These print shops lack the resources to print books without help from Christians in other countries.

Our ministry works to translate quality Christian books, provide master copies, and then finance the printing and distribution. Since most pastors earn only US$18 to $30 per month, ACTION provides our books to them at no cost.

We distribute to all evangelical denominations, giving special consideration to the denominations we work most closely with. The majority of the books we print are handed out at our pastors’ conferences and other events, but we also have a network of distributors who take the books to churches in remote areas.

In the past 10 years we have printed and distributed 200,000 books in Cuba.

In addition, we have printed over 1.5 million tracts.

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